Hi! We're Dave and Tangie Baxter, just a couple of normal "everyday" people who have embarked on an incredible adventure. We want this site to be an honest to goodness snapshot of our journey, the amazing, the good and the "eh". (Mostly, I just want this to be a place where we aren't trying to hide our double chins in selfies over the Grand Canyon? Let's keep it real.) We're full time artists making our living on the road (or soon will be, we haven't quite left yet) who are passionate about a new way of life, we want to collect more moments and a lot less things. So here's to the journey, we're glad you're here.


Once upon a time Dave and I met, dated for a few weeks, then got engaged (for real). Twenty years later we're still very happily married and have one daughter, Samantha, who is going to be serving a mission for 18 months in Edmonton, Canada. One morning the reality of this hit me so hard (How can I be old enough to have an empty nest?), so I talked my husband into taking me on a crazy across the country adventure while she's gone. The truth is we've been restless for quite awhile, we both work so hard and wonder "what for?", just to pay bills and not have anything left for fun? Each year it seemed like our expenses were going up and trips to our favorite places were becoming almost non-existent. We love each other and life too much to allow the stress and stagnation that has been creeping into our home. Together we came to the realization that something needed to change; Samantha leaving for a year and a half seemed like the perfect catalyst. So we decided to leave the beautiful 3000+ sq ft home (which includes my beloved Artspiration Studio) we've lived in the last 7 years and sell just about everything we own! This idea is so far out of our comfort zone that we truly believe it was a plan given to us by inspiration and that makes it so much easier. It's been a roller coaster ride, but we couldn't be more thrilled with what awaits us. 

Dave: Is a bookbinding artist, doodler and avid reader. 
Tangie: Loves teaching online classes, watercoloring & can't wait to see "all" the stars again. 
Together: We have a crazy goal to teach an art workshop in all of the 48 in contiguous United States.

Coming very soon.