We're going on a great expedition!

We're hitting the road in 2017! Perhaps it would be a better story to tell you that we've been thinking about this for years and the time has finally come for us to live our dream. But, the real truth is we came up with this idea on Friday, and decided to maybe, just maybe believe were were serious. By today, we decided to just go for it! This is so out of character for me (I am a hermit to my very core) that I have to believe this idea is coming from somewhere else. It scares us beyond words and yet thrills us to the bones, it feels more right than anything has in a very long time... and... somehow... someway... it's all going to workout. Deciding to travel the country as working artists sounds like we're mad, but according to my favorite books, all the very best people usually are!

Sometimes, to find inspiration, you need to spread your wings to push yourself to experience new destinations.
— Michael deMang